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Serial production

'Asistemos' offers serial production of a maximum efficiency -

with the highest standards on products quality and production processes

At 'Asistemos' serial production facility, we manufacture  small- or large-quantity standardized or individual electric and automation products and parts: stands for testing / parts for control switches / electrical harness and etc. for customers with particularly high quality requirements. With 20 years work experience we offer full serial production services: from the idea to the start of serial production according to client's individual needs and technical requirements.
  • 20 years work experience with clients from all Europe
  • > 150 highly qualified employees with full expertise in electrotechnical and automation field

                      - Annual employee turnover rate just ~ 5 %
                      - Continuous employees’ training & development programs
                      - High educational standards: > 80% of employees have specialty or high education
                      - Multilingual team: fluent in Lithuanian, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish

  • Strict quality testing system
  • Label and printing machines for high quality decoration
  • Cost efficiency
  • Ability to handle both large and small orders for customers in Lithuania and abroad on a daily basis

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Serial production in Lithuania: cost efficiency

Minimum salary in Lithuania is one of the most competitive in the EU.

Average wage in Lithuania 2021 is €1598,10 EUR per month, according to the Lithuanian statistics office. According to Eurostat, Lithuanian average hourly wage costs are the third lowest in the EU after Bulgaria and Romania.

Source: Eurostat, Lithuanian statistics office

Strategic geographical location: center of Europe

  • The EU’s prime transport hub and interconnection of two international transport corridors, air, ice-free port, railway and highway routes
  • Crossroads of 3 huge markets: North, East and West. Lithuania is a springboard to the EU markets (Western Europe and Scandinavian countries), and Eastern markets (Russia and the CIS countries) are also just at Lithuania’s side
  • 4 International airports nearby: Vilnius, Kaunas, Riga, Palanga with more >80 destinations

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Key facts about Lithuania

  • Lithuania - the largest of the three Baltic States
  • Part of the EU, Schengen area, NATO and a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)
  • The national currency is euro
  • Panevezys – 5th largest city in Lithuania with over 100 000 inhabitants
  • The official language is Lithuanian
  • 90% of Lithuanians are able to speak Russian, 40% speak English, 20% speak German
  • The most popular form of doing business in Lithuania is through a private limited liability company (UAB)
  • Time zone: EET (UTC+2). Summer (DST): EEST (UTC+3)


Quality assurance

All our cabinets are manufactured according to IEC/EN and Lithuanian electricity local rules and technical requirements. All products are tested and have complete set of technical documentation.

  • For our manufacture process we use components which are tested in accredited EU laboratories for electrotechnical testing
  • CE marking
  • Compliance with standards for low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies: IEC/EN60529, IEC/EN 61439-1/2-6, IEC/EN 62262, IEC/EN 62208
  • TR Customs Union Certificate of Conformity: ТАМОЖЕННЫЙ СОЮЗ СЕРТИФИКАТ СООТВЕТСТВИЯ ЕАС
  • Quality management system: ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015
  • Occupational health and safety management system: OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Low voltage directive (LVD): 2014/35/EU


Trade is extremely important to Lithuania’s economy; the value of exports and imports taken together equals 155 percent of GDP. The average applied tariff rate is 1.5 percent. In general, the law treats foreign and domestic investors equally.

Are you looking for a talented and competent cooperation partner who can take over the serial production of your electrical and automation workpieces? For detailed information, please contact our technical team – info@asistemos.com.

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