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Electrical equipment

Asistemos offers you supply of electrical, electrotechnical and automation products and components directly from the leading reliable manufacturers >100 brands.

  • Cable products;
  • Low-voltage and medium-voltage equipment and spare parts manufactured by  ABB, Siemens, Legrand, Schneider Electric;
  • Switchboards and electrical cabinets, manufactured by ABB, Schneider Electric, Finelcomp, RITTAL, TIBOX;
  • Switchboards and electrical cabinets, manufactured according to customer specifications;
  • ABB electric motors and variable frequency drives of ABB, Schneider Electric;
  • Electric equipment, including low & medium voltage circuit breakers, motors, power electronics and integrated control & monitoring systems, manufactured by Hyundai Electric;
  • Terminal blocks and connectors, lighting fixtures, cable-ties, clamps and brass cables-lugs, thermo-shrinkable tubing, crimping terminals, electrical connectors for energy distribution industry produced by Italian producer BM S.p.A.;
  • High quality lighting fixtures from J. Auer and etc;
  • Wiring accessories, manufactured by ABB, Legrand, Schneider Electric, ENSTO;
  • And many others.

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Asistemos is an authorized partner of Schneider Electric / ABB / Finelcomp able to design and manufacture Schneider Prisma / ABB System pro E Power / E, F, C, S, D series switchboards.

We are also an official representatives and distributors of Hyundai Electric, BM GROUP, Auer Signal, DF Electric, ISKRA ZASCITE d.o.o. (Raycap), Pronutec and many others electrical equipment manufacturers' in Lithuanian market.

Next to it, we are an exclusive representative and distributor of UPS manufacturer MAKELSAN, diesel generators' producers EMSA and FOGO in Lithuanian market. Close partnership also developed with Eaton, Borris and APC Schneider Electric.

Distribution of leading brands > 100 of electrical equipment:

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC wide range of products: PLCs, motor starters, drives, circuit breakers, switches, sockets, lighting and etc.
Pronutec vertical and horizontal design fuse switches and disconnectors and etc.
Crouzet automation control components: micro-switches, limit switches, manually operated switches, DC motors, brushless motors, external control electronics, timers, controllers, counters, relays, pneumatics, logic controller, nano PL and etc.
Tibox wall mounting steel enclosures: single-door / double-door / with plexiglas door; stainless steel boxes: impact-resistant / wall-mounted / with inner door; polyester enclosures: fiberglass enclosure / polyester / glass door; plastic enclosures; aluminum enclosures; floor stand cabinet, steel terminal boxes and etc.
BV Elektronik transformers, choke coils and other types of wound parts: 1-phase transformes, 3-phase transformers, toroidal transformers, chokes for LF applications, HF applications, measuring transformers, HV transformers and chokes and etc.
BM GROUP S.p.A. connecting cables: cable-glands and nuts, cable-ties, clamps and brass cables-lugs, crimping terminals, crimping tools and hydraulic press, terminal blocks and connectors, thermo-shrinkable tubing; fix line: bands, chemical anchors, light fixings, steel anchor, wall-plugs and etc.
ZEZ Silko power capacitors: low voltage power capacitors, medium voltage power capacitors, induction heating capacitors, capacitors for power electronics; capacitor banks: standard, detuned 7%, detuned 7% fast switched, high voltage capacitor banks; components for PFC: PFC controllers, contactors for capacitors, reactors, high voltage transformers and etc.
Auer visual signalling equipment, signal towers, visual – audible signalling equipment, audible signalling equipment, ex-proof signalling equipment and etc.
METH single-phase transformers from 3,2 kVA to 80 kVA, three-phase transformers from 100 kVA to 1000 kVA, three-phase auto-transformers and three-phase filter and smoothing reactors
Erico electrical grounding, bonding and connectivity products: grounding busbars, ground rods, GEM ground enhancement material, cu-bond round conductors, cu-bond composite cable, insulated round conductors, non-insulated round conductors, protectors, sleeves and insulation and etc.
Gruppo Energia low-voltage and medium-voltage automatic power factor correction capacitor banks: electrolytic capacitors, lighting application capacitors, capacitors banks, power controllers, harmonic reactors, voltage stabilizers and etc.
RE.VAL.CO. (RVC) adjustable transformers and variable resistors; analogue instruments: ammeters, frequencymeters, voltmeters; digital instruments; energy kWh meters; equipment for civil and industrial automation: current relays, over speed control relays; hourmeters; measurement transformers: current transformers, voltage transformers; multimeters: single phase, three phase; protection relays: insulation control relays, toroidal rurrent transformers, earth leakage relays; pulse counters; selector switches; transducers; surge protective devices and etc.
F-Tronic industrial enclosures, distribution boxes, meter cabinets
JSP comprehensive range of instruments for measurement and control: temperature sensors: resistance sensors, thermocouple sensors, temperature gauges, compensating cables, thermowells, temperature calibration; transmitters: transmitters with HART and LHP communication, programmable transmitters; pressure transmitters: pressure transmitters with analogue output, pressure gauges, manifolds; level sensors: bypass and float sensors and switches, optical sensors; flow sensors: orifices, metering runs, nozzles ant etc.
OPTONICA LED LED Spots & Bulbs, LED Tubes, LED Downlight, LED Downlight (COB), LED-Strips, LED Floodlights, LED Power Supplies, LED Wall Washers, LED Industrial Light, LED Street Lights, LED Outdoor Lights, Smart Balance Wheels and etc.
Hyundai low and medium voltage circuit breakers: molded case circuit breaker, miniature series circuit breaker, contactor and relay, air circuit breaker, vacuum circuit braker, vacuum contactor, vacuum interrupter, inverter, vacuum contactors, low voltage inverter, medium voltage inverter end etc.
Wago rail-mounted terminal block systems, pluggable rail-mounted terminal blocks, terminal blocks and connectors: power supply connectors for lighting and equipment, installation connectors, modular terminal blocks and terminal strips for surface mounting, capacitor and ballast (choke) terminal blocks, transformer terminal blocks; pluggable connector systems, PCB terminal blocks and connectors, components for automation, interface electronics: relays and optocouplers, interface modules, transducers, power supplies, overvoltage protection, current measurement, charging Infrastructure for eMobility, empty housings and DIN-rail mounting carriers
KMB Systems prouducts to monitor and control energy efficiency: power factor APFC; portable PQ loggers; power analyzers, panel multimeters, DC analysers and etc.
Hegel junction, terminal+junction and installation boxes for open mounting with gland plates / hinged lid / return flange in various enclosure materials and sizes; control units; control stations; control+distribution; enclosures, disconnectors+motor starters; lighting+signaling; accessories and etc.
All-Sun test and measurement equipments: oscilloscopes, electrical testers, digital multimeters, analog multimeters, clamp meters, voltage testers, automotive tools, environment meters and etc.
Elcon Megarad high voltage cable accessories: heat shrinkable joints for cables, heat shrinkable terminations for cables; low voltage cable accessories; mastics, tapes and resins; medium voltage cable accessories; sealrad; sleeves and molded parts and etc.
Famatel industrial enclosures and distribution panels, industrial plugs and cable reel systems, sealed boxes, residential boxes and enclosures, metal enclosures, junction boxes and etc.
Sert plastik PVC pipes, curtain rails, curtain rail accessories, wallpanellings, cable terminals, accessories and etc.
DF Electric cylindrical fuse links and fuse holders for use as general protection against overloads and short circuits
Danfoss has a wide product portfolio covering pressure and temperature sensors, fluid controls and switches for industrial applications. Products are used in such areas as cooling food, air conditioning, heating buildings, controlling electric motors and powering mobile machinery
Helukabel extensive range of cables, wires, special cables, media technology, cable accessories, as well as data, network & bus technology
Powermat standoff insulators; vertical and horizontal insulators; polyamide series, control and signalling devices, current transformers; step insulators; combi four pole conical series; neutral link; modular support; H.T. insulators, panel accessories and etc.
ABB control systems, drives, generator circuit breakers, insulation components, measurement products, medium voltage / low voltage products and systems, motors and generators, power cables and cable accessories, reactors, semiconductors, transformers, UPS and power conditioning, transformer components, power protection and automation products, power converters and inverters, PLC automation and etc.
IME network monitors, energy meters, interfaces and software, current and voltage transformers, CTs with built-in transducer, transducers, differential relais, insulation relais, measuring relais, analog meters with alarms, digital meters and bargraphs, shunts – switches, synchronizing meters, hourmeters and sequencymeters, analog meters, power and cosfi separate accessories for analogue meters and etc.
PCE plugs and connectors
Iskra Zascite © Raycap
EMITER leading company producing electric junctions and switchgears in cabinets made of thermosetting material: metal enclosures and cabinets, electrical switchgear, polyester cabinets and etc.
Amadori single-phase transformers, variables autotransformers, three-phase transformers, reactors, enclosures, stabilizers and etc.
Mutlusan Elektrik colourful counduits: cable conduit with adhesive, cable conduit, plinth and accessories, conduit accessories and etc.
Elko EP time relays, installation contactors, latching (memory) relays, auxiliary relays, staircase switches, time switch clock, twilight switches, dimmers, thermostats, level switches, power supplies, control and signal devices, monitoring voltage relays, monitoring current relays, power factor monitoring, thermo regulatory and etc.
Iskra Zaščite surge protection for signaling networks, overvoltages, surge filters, transient protection, lightning counters, SPD monitoring, switching transients, distribution boards and etc.
Weidmüller Interface remote I/O, power supply, industrial ethernet, relays and solid-state relays, analogue signal conditioning, surge protection, PLC interface units, maintenance and cloud service, measuring and monitoring systems, modular terminal blocks, heavy-duty connectors, power bus system, sensor-actuator interfaces, cables and circular connectors, industrial ethernet passive, service interfaces, test connector system, photovoltaic connectors, contactless transmission system, steel enclosures, aluminium enclosures, plastic enclosures, cable entry system
Phoenix Contact offers electronic components, systems and solutions in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and automation: connectors, sensors, terminal blocks, relays, power supplies, signal conditioners, power supplies, controllers & PLCs, I/O systems, Industrial Ethernet, controller system cabling, PCB terminal blocks & connectors, surge suppression and more.
LIVA Grup the lightning rod, determining electrode clamps, conductor fixing clamps, thermal welding materials, auxiliary materials, measurement instruments, capture detection apparatus and etc.
Osram LED technology: lamps, light engines and modules, indoor LED luminaires, outdoor LED luminaires, electronic control gears for LED modules and dimmers, light management systems, specialty lighting, LED vehicle and bicycle lighting; lamps: halogen lamps, high intensity discharge lamps, fluorescent lamps, specialty lamps, incandescent lamps; luminaires: indoor luminaires, outdoor luminaires and etc.
C&S Electric switchgear, protection and measurement devices, power busbars, lighting and wiring accessories, solar PV power division, electrical EPC division and etc.
Thorsman Installation System - Schneider Electric Thorsman Installation System - Solutions for electrical distribution in office applications: plugs, installation bands, clips and clamps, cavity fixings, screws, bolts and anchors, drills and bits, glands and grommets, terminals and etc.
Alfa Electric accessories for electric enclosures, in particular thermal management products: air conditioning, filter fans, heaters, thermostats, lamps and etc.
Linkwell Electronics perforated ducts, fans, heaters, regulators, clamps, terminals
Rittal industrial enclosures case technology, electronic packaging, power distribution system and back-up, energy-saving, eco-friendly climate control solutions, IT systems (from server racks to complete data centres and more), communication systems, an extensive range of accessories for infinite possibilities and etc.