/ Metalworking


Metal working services:


Nibbling up to 800 strokes / min. Heavy-duty C-frame construction allows working of oversized sheets, by using turning and automatic repositioning function. This is a fast-acting cut-off method using a variety of automatically-moving tools. The stamping method is suitable for the manufacture of complex sheet products and tiles.


Sheet metal bending. L, U, C, Z and more types of shaped certified profiles from galvanised steel, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. Parts for serial production can also be provided.

Powder painting:

Electrostatic powder coating. It does not contain harmful volatile organic compounds, toxic substances.
Highly resistant to cracking, scratching, scraping, scratching, fading. Suitable for steel, galvanized metal, aluminum, steel, fully covers all details, long-lasting color, protects against rust, cheaper and faster coloring than liquid paints.

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Electrical cabinet sealing, auto parts sealing, air conditioner and refrigeration part sealing, lighting sealing.