Transformer house MT

Transformer house MT 

  • For medium-voltage, up to 24 kV, electric power receiving, conversion to 0,4 kV  voltage power
    and its distribution for the consumers
  • Attractive and long-lasting modular design – 300 mm intervals
  • Construction is made of hot-dip galvanized corrosion resistant steel profiles
  • Double door dimensions: 600 mm, 900 mm
  • 2 lifting possibilities: by lifting with the roof hooks or from under the base
  • The entire roof can be lifted by the lifting loops
  • The transformer can be placed through the roof or pushed through the door
  • The base of the transformer house is either concrete or metal
  • The concrete base serves as the oil sink of the transformer house.
  • The steel base has the separate oil sink
  • Standard epoxy-polyester powder coatings: RAL7021, RAL7024
  • Optionally: overvoltage protectors; rustproof oil sink; voltage testers; special colours and surface

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MT moduline transformatorine automatikos sistemos.jpg

Electric specifications

Nominal medium voltage
Nominal low voltage
Enclosure class Power transformers
≤ 24kV ≤ 0,69kV IP23D

≤ 1250 kVA


Code Power transformers Measurements, (WxDxH), mm
50091020 315 kVA 1550x2450x2560
50091015 630 kVA 1850x2750x2560
50091035 1000 kVA 2150x2900x2560
50091040 1250 kVA 2450x2900x2560

MT modular transformer house automatikos sistemos.jpg