ASISTEMOS  assists their clients by proposing innovations and high working standards gained from 20 years of work experience in the field of electrotechnical and automation equipment manufacture. Company was established in 2000 with a single mission: to deliver innovative, high-tech solutions for a better tomorrow. From the date of establishment number of employees has increased 50%, premises for production – 66%, export – till 40%. Our success is based on: continual industry excellence, high working standards, strict quality testing system & strong focus on the customer. Our team is always ready to work side by side with You in the capacity that will yield the best results.

Our success is based on:

  • Continual industry excellence
  • Over 20 years of work experience
  • High working standards (production management and Quality management LST EN ISO 9001:2015, Health and Safety management system LST EN ISO 9001:2015 systems applied, ISO14001:2015 .)
  • Flexible service
  • Strict quality testing system
  • Maximum reliability & high availability
  • Strong focus on the customer
  • Reliable partners

In the last years we expanded the range of services offering the design of engineering systems, pneumatic products / systems assembly. Our production area has increased 66 times and now is reaching more than 3000 m2.

Asistemos is your key to success.

Contact information:

+370 45 581 991