/ IP20 – IP30 Group centre enclosures D serie

IP20 – IP30 Group centre enclosures D serie

IP20 – IP30 Group centre enclosures D serie  

  • Designed for stylish enclosure of cabling, protective fuses, and related connectors in homes
  • The cabinet structure has pre-punched holes for wires and cables and DIN rails for attaching components. For Data-models also RJ patch panels are an optional extra equipment
  • Data enclosures have space for group centre and telecommunication cables and equipment
  • The diverse alternatives offered by the data space are perfect for coupling and bridging ADSL modems and TV and radio connectors
  • Available both as concealed and surface-mounted versions
  • Standard epoxy-polyester powder coating: RAL 9010. Available in other colours on request
  • Structure is made of hot-dip galvanized corrosion resistant steel profiles
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For detailed information, please contact our technical team – orders@asistemos.com.

Electric specifications

Nominal voltage
Insulation voltage
Nominal current
Thermal short-circuit
Dynamic short-circuit
Enclosure class Impact strength (outer/inner)
≤ 690V 400V ≤ 160A ≤ 10kA ≤ 42,6kA IP20 – IP30 IK07


1D 2D 3DF 4D 5D 6D 200 Data36 Data54 Data72 Data90
Width, mm 397 397 397 397 397 397 720 454 454 454 454
Height, mm 263 370 640 766 892 1018 200 928 1054 1180 1306

D-Serie automatikos sistemos.jpg