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All our cabinets are manufactured according to IEC/EN and Lithuanian electricity local rules and requirements. All products are tested and have complete set of technical documentation. For our manufacture process we use components which are tested in the accredited EU laboratories for electrotechnical testing:

  • CE mark
  • Standards: IEC/EN60529, IEC/EN 61439-1/2-6, IEC/EN 62262,
  • IEC/EN 62208
  • Certificates: ГОСТ Р 51321.1-2000, ГОСТ P 51778-2001
  • Management system: ISO 9001:2008/LST EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Low Voltage Directive: 2006/95/EB
  • Transformer substations: IEC/EN 62271-202 : 2014

Insurance: our company is insured general liability insurance with a total insurance sum (operational and production) up to 60 000 EUR.

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